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Purpose of Biker Foundation Denmark

  1.         To gather the most serious and significant Danish Patch clubs in a community.
  2.         A community that informs what the Biker environment really is all about and not as often portrayed in the media.
  3.         To safeguard the bike culture, and the community with the bike in the center of life.
  4.         To arrange events with public access.
  5.         To promote dialogue between the clubs of the Biker Foundations of Denmark.

Because your club holds a approved Patch, it does not mean it’s a Foundation club. Clubs of the Biker foundation can be found under the menu item “Fondsklubber”.

Does your club want to do a job in the Biker Foundation, please contact one of the Foundation Club to learn more how to proceed.

If You like to start up a club in Denmark, then fill-out the Colour approve appliance under the menu item “Ansøgning” formular.

Then you will be contacted.

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